Outside of my very first job out of college at a small TV station in Massachusetts, my TV work continued later in my career when I re-located to Boston from San Francisco. I produced and directed a pilot for a History Channel series tentatively called How Stuff Works. We won the series and did 10 -hour episodes of The WORKS. That began my new phase in film/video production that included Animal Planet’s DOGS 101 and SuperFetch, then a show for DIY Network called This NEW House for 2 years, which I executive-produced and directed.. That series was being produced at This Old House, the PBS series, and that lead me to getting the job of director at This Old House, which I’ve held for 10 years. Additionally, I co-executive-produced and directed a series for the History Channel called Hidden History In Your House– another This Old House venture that resulted in a 2-hour special.

Television has certain challenges that I had not encountered in my previous 20 years of production that I was very captivated by. Now, after working on several types of shows, I find I’ve learned a lot and have expanded my skill set in many ways.

Without all my experience, including the recently acquired TV experience, directing This Old House would have been difficult to master. It’s a very demanding show-physically and mentally- working on an active construction site many days a week.